Playing at Vinoteq

Vinoteq is a  wine bar with a small cellar music venue – and when we say small, we do mean it!

It holds c30 people.

The stage is ideal for a solo artist, duo or trio.


There will be a house PA, drum kit, piano and even a Vibraphone. This means that artists only need to bring the minimum of equipment. Drummers, bring your snare and cymbals.


Non-ticketed gigs

We implement a ‘tip jar’ system which goes 100% to the artists. Vinoteq will top this up to a guaranteed minimum fee if it falls below that.

Ticketed gigs

If you would prefer to sell tickets , that is no problem, but they have to be administered through us. The artist will get 100% of the ticket fee received, less Paypal fees.



We would like to present all sorts of music from Jazz and Blues to Classical and Avant-Garde with everything in between. So whether you are a guitarist /singer doing some classic tunes, a cocktail pianist or something more out of the ordinary, send us a link to

We have a resident house band who will be happy to back a solo singer, jazz instrumentalist etc.


We would prefer no backing tracks